My book “Beginner’s Yoga Fundamentals” is available now! – ShaYoga

!New Yogis! !Seasoned Yogis!
My book “Beginner’s Yoga Fundamentals” is available now!
These asanas were an important mart in developing my practice, so I know you will find many things that will be beneficial to your practice!
My wish is to help grow your practice, message me if you need help with anything in your personal practice, Namaste!
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Beautiful Fallen Angel Pose

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Step 1


Begin in a toe-stand position, you heels off the floor and the ball of your feet firmly grounded on your mat

Step 2


Point your knees to the right side then fold your torso over to your left. Bring the right elbow, to press against your outer left thigh, near your knee, then firmly plant your palms on the mat

Step 3


Pull your abdomen in toward your spine to create space to deepen the twist, push your torso away from the mat and slowly bend your elbows. You can use your elbows as shelves, gently tucked under your left hip and left knee

Step 4


Lean forward slowly shifting the weight over to your arms and shoulders, Lower your left cheek  to the mat finding your balance and comfort within the posture before lifting your feet off the mat, one by one into side crow pose

Step 5


Pivot your hips so that they rise. Extend your right leg upward then point the left toes to the right knee, sink your chest down as close to the floor as comfortably possible. Hold this posture for 15 to 20 seconds with deep, smooth and slow mindful breathing.


Enjoy your practice and thanks for reading! Namaste.




Energy Alignment – The 7 Chakras

What are Chakras?

There are 7 main ‘energy centers’ or Chakras in our bodies. These chakras can become blocked and out of balance by built up emotional, physical or spiritual tension. Chakras are points in our bodies where we absorb, receive and release energy throughout our lives. Practicing asanas that correlate to each of these energy centers can unclog built up tension, allowing the proper flow of energy.Muladhara (Root) Chakra

  • Muladhara Chakra (Root)

    The root chakra is identifies with the element earth and the color red. Muladhara chakra focuses on our survival needs, the feeling of being grounded and bodily care. Asanas associated with the root chakra are Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold), Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend), Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) and Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

Paschimottanasana / Seated Forward Bend


  • Svadisthana Chakra (Sacral, Hips)

    The sacral chakra identifies with the element water and the color orange. Svadisthana chakra focuses on sensuality, pleasure, ‘going with the flow’ and embracing experiences in life. Asanas associated with the sacral chakra are Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana), Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana) and cow Faced Pose (Gomukhasana).

    Bound Angle Pose / Baddha Konasana
  •  Manipur Chakra (Solar Plexus) 

    Manipura is the third Chakra which identifies with the element fire and the color yellow/gold. The Solar Plexus chakra focuses on the power of transformation, self esteem and the assertion of will power. Asanas associated with the Manipura chakra are Warrior I, II and III, Marichi’s Pose (Matsyendasana), Boat pose (Navasana) and Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar).

Warrior II / Virabhadrasana II
  • Anahata Chakra (Heart)

    The anahata chakra is the fourth chakra which is the bridge between the lower three chakras (Physical) and the three higher chakras (Metaphysical). It identifies with the element air and the color green. The Anahata chakra focuses on love, opening up and leading from the heart and not the head. It is positioned at the core of our soul (the heart). Asanas that revitalizes this chakra are Cow Faced Pose (Gomukhasana), Garudasana (Eagle Pose) and backbends.

    Upward Salute with Backbend / Urdhva Hastasana
  • Visuddha Chakra (Throat)

    The throat chakra is the fifth chakra and it is the first chakra to focus on the spiritual plane. Vishuddu identifies with the element sound and ether, the color is blue. The throat chakra focuses on our will, inner truth and our ability to present our voice to the world. Asanas associated with this chakra are Camel Pose (Ustrasana), Plough Pose (Halasana) and Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana).

    Camel Pose / Ustrasana


  • Ajna Chakra (Third Eye)

    Ajna chakra is the sixth chakra in the chakra system and the second chakra of the metaphysical plane. The Ajna chakra is the spiritual eye and it focuses on seeing beyond the physical, enhancing creativity, clairvoyance, and intuition. Asanas that enhance the ajna chakra are forward bends.

    Balasana / Child’s Pose
  • Sahasrara Chakra (Crown)

    The crown chakra (thousand petaled lotus) is the seventh chakra and it is the symbol of purity and spirituality and provides the direct connection to our Divinity.The Sahasrara chakra is associated with the element of thought and the colors white and violet. As we think we create our reality so this chakra focuses on our power of thought and creation, it is the highest function of the mind. To enhance the function of this chakra, meditation is the best yogic practice. Meditiation may be done in a number of seated asanas like the Lotus Pose (Padmasana),  Adept’s Pose (Siddhasana) and Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana).

    Thunderbolt Pose / Vajrasana

Good mornig my friends and omies!

Good mornig my friends and omies! ❤
May the spirit of the universe fill your path with love light and happiness.
"Without spirit there is no transformation, the creator may remain unseen in the background but that does not mean there is no creator." – Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. from "Easy Journey To Other Planets"
#YogaBenefits: This is a deep hip opener that stretches the hips, shoulder and ribcage.
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Day 4 of the #FlexibilityDrills challeng

Day 4 of the #FlexibilityDrills challenge is #EkaPadaSirsasana with Kino MacGregor and Irene Pappas and sponsors SKECHERS USA, Inc. OmStars™ Coco Community Liforme Yoga
“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
#YogaBenefits: Eka Pada Sirsasana requires both strength and flexibility, it stretches the hamstrings, glutes, psoas, and hip. It massages the abdominal organs which stimulates digestion.
#YogaWithShay #ShaYoga #YogisOfIG #MiamiYoga #MiamiYogi #ShayMitchell #ShayMitchellYoga #MiamiBeach #SouthBeach

Final day 3⃣0⃣ of the #30DayYogaLiving c

Final day 3⃣0⃣ of the #30DayYogaLiving challenge is a supported #Headstand with Kino MacGregor OmStars™ Lets get upside down!!!
#YogaBenefits : Headstand increases fresh blood flow to the brain and scalp, which it is great for relieving mild depression, stress and headaches. It stimulates the pituitary glands which increases digestion. Physically headstands strengthen the core muscles, shoulders and arms.
#ShaYoga #ShayMitchellYoga #MiamiYoga #MiamiBeach #MiamiYogi

Good morning and happy Febuary!!! Day 20

Good morning and happy Febuary!!!
Day 20 of the #30DayYogaLiving challenge is #Handstand variation with Kino MacGregor OmStars™ Erin Kelly Art Steph Gongora
#YogaBenefits: Increases breathing and blood circulation in the brain and throughout the body , bringing a feeling of calmness which boosts your mood and relieves stress. It strengthens the arms, shoulders, wrists and core muscles while increasing your overall sense of balance.
#YogaWithShay #ShaYoga #YogisOfIG #MiamiYoga #MiamiYogi #ShayMitchell #ShayMitchellYoga #MiamiBeach #SouthBeach

Benefits Of Extended Side Angle

Day 18 of the #30DayYogaLiving challenge is #ExtendedSideAngle.

Ext. Side Angle

Yoga Benefits: this is a standing hip opener that strengthens the legs, calves, ankles, stretches and opens up the shoulders and side body.
Kino MacGregor OmStars™
#YogaWithShay #ShaYoga #MiamiYogi #Strength #Flexibility #YogaFam #FitFam #YogisOfIG

“Following our intuition never steers us wrong…” – Bakasana

Good morning everyone!!

“Following our intuition never steers us wrong…” – Shay Mitchell

Day 16 of the #30DayYogaLiving challenge with Kino MacGregor is #Bakasana.
This was tough! My arms felt soo weak from NOT doing handstands for a few days after i crushed my finger, this bakasana looks way better than it felt! LOL

#YogaBenefits: With regular practice this asana strengthens our wrists, shoulders and arms, increases our mental and physical health, strength and overall flexibility.

The World We Live In….

The world I love in is beautiful, full of love and an unmistakable connectedness. I watch the earth move beneath me I am accompanied by hundreds of stars that seem to float right outside my aircraft, guiding me teaching me unfathomable lessons as I hopelessly stare back at them and get lost in the beauty of the darkest of nights.


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