Meet ShaYoga

Hi everyone, i’m Shynade (Shay) Mitchell and two things that I have always been are a music lover and an optimist. Looking on the brighter side of things is one trait that stands out in my “there is always a way” attitude (…but some people just call that being stubborn lol!). I moved from Trinidad & Tobago to the US in ’07 not knowing what to expect. After a few short years of living with my mother I was ready to spread my wings and begin experiencing life as I saw it. Without fear I set out on my own in ’09, in a new country, no friends, hardly any family, no connections and no clear path on what I was supposed to do, but I was not discouraged, I just knew I would find what was calling out to me.

After many dead end jobs and modelling gigs I was looking for a change of direction. In my near future I would meet the love of my life of 6 years, Dennis and we now have a beautiful daughter Divina (talk about a change of direction!). During this time I narrowed down the things that I would like to keep in my life and the things that no longer served me, and I came to the realization that living a healthy life and helping others is what I wanted to do and what I was meant to do. While I was pregnant I was completely fascinated by yoga, the Indian culture (which is a part of my Trinidadian culture) and all of these these intricate poses, knowing that I was only scratching the surface, I dove right in to learn more. Shortly after giving birth (before I was even clear to work out again) I officially began my yoga journey.

Early every morning I would practice, read or do anything to further my understanding and knowledge on yoga, and as my understanding grew so did my love. I went on the get certified as a CYT200 through the Aura Wellness Center and now my sights are set on translating the true essence of yoga to any and everyone that is willing to learn! The life of a yogi is not an easy one, simply because of the high standard of discipline necessary for every type of yoga. Life is a journey and this is my own…

“Yoga is such an amazing tool for an overall happier and healthier life mentally, physically and emotionally, and I want to share this tool with as many people that are ready to understand and learn more about it, and being able to help others smile, be happier and most importantly to help them cultivate a more centered and connected way of being is a tremendous thing to be apart of…” – Shay Mitchell
Join my mailing list, lets learn and grow! Together we will uncover the divinity within breath by breath. Namaste._img4321


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