Are YOU The One Blocking Your Path?

“Smile in the face of opposition…”

Baddha Konasana 1In our journey to expressing ourselves fully and confidently there will always be resistance, resistance from influences outside of ourselves as well as from the inside.

Yes sometimes WE are the only person or the only obstacle blocking our path, which in turn block our spiritual and mental development and evolution…

“How do we over come this obstacle?”

We smile in the face of opposition, prove every doubt about ourselves wrong! Be the best version of you by being better to yourself.

Nurture your soul, nurture your mind and nurture your heart. This nurturing energy you give to yourself will teach you how to be the same to the ones close to you and anyone that comes in contact with your energy. Be yourself 100% no matter who can’t handle it.  You will attract your tribe and you will be accepted as you are. A perfect child of the cosmos. Namaste.


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