Wheel Pose 

Good morning #Lovies! “Surfing…either you do it like it’s a big weight on you or you do it as part of the dance of life”

#PoseOfTheDay is #WheelPose

📷By @dee__original Dennis Cardenas

Key Points;

✔Push strongly through both hands and feet evenly

✔Elbows straight and avoid collapsing into your shoulders.

✔Abdomen active and pulled inward to protect your spine.

✔Keep your neck relaxed.

✔Hold and breathe for 10 slow breaths

This is very beneficial because it stretches the chest and lungs, builds strength in your arms, wrists, legs, spine and abdomen. If you suffer from back pains or asthma this will be additionally beneficial. Practice with care and caution!

http://www.yogawithshay.com Peace, Love and Light to everyone! Namaste! 🕉🙏😊

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