Beautiful Fallen Angel Pose

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Step 1


Begin in a toe-stand position, you heels off the floor and the ball of your feet firmly grounded on your mat

Step 2


Point your knees to the right side then fold your torso over to your left. Bring the right elbow, to press against your outer left thigh, near your knee, then firmly plant your palms on the mat

Step 3


Pull your abdomen in toward your spine to create space to deepen the twist, push your torso away from the mat and slowly bend your elbows. You can use your elbows as shelves, gently tucked under your left hip and left knee

Step 4


Lean forward slowly shifting the weight over to your arms and shoulders, Lower your left cheek  to the mat finding your balance and comfort within the posture before lifting your feet off the mat, one by one into side crow pose

Step 5


Pivot your hips so that they rise. Extend your right leg upward then point the left toes to the right knee, sink your chest down as close to the floor as comfortably possible. Hold this posture for 15 to 20 seconds with deep, smooth and slow mindful breathing.


Enjoy your practice and thanks for reading! Namaste.




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