How To : Garudasana or Eagle Pose

Lets take a closer look at the Eagle posture.

  • -Strengthens the legs, arms, knees and ankles-

  • -Improves our balance, focus, digestion and circulation in all joints-

    Eagle Pose


-Standing tall in Mountain pose (head, shoulders and hips stacked on top the other)

Eagle Pose 1.jpg>>Inhale<<

-Stretch both arms out to your sides and parallel to the floor

-Bring your left arm out in front of you, elbow bent

Eagle Pose 2.jpg


-Wrap the right arm under and around the left arm, crossing the arms at the elbows, bringing your palms together

Eagle Pose 3-Pull your navel (abdomen) in toward your spine as you bend the knees, pointing the tailbone behind you


-Lift your right foot off the ground, (toes pointed to the ground) focus on one point in front of you, and find your balance on the strong and grounded left leg, weight evenly distributed on the four corners of your foot.

-Cross the right thigh over the left thigh, wrapping the right foot around the left calf

Eagle Pose 4

-Squeeze the legs together, holding the posture for 20 seconds. Release the arms and legs back to the start position and repeat with the opposite arm and leg.


Hold this posture, standing with your tailbone (or butt) against a wall or sitting at the edge of a chair, for support and stability while balancing.


Practitioners with knee injuries should avoid this posture or do the modified chair version.

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