Being Present And Riding The Wave ๐ŸŒŠ

Being on this journey of Self discovery and Self development is so surrealโ€‹ now, many ideas, thoughts and situations have come full circle , allowing me to see the bigger picture of my life, my path and my true nature. I can feel the momentumโ€‹ building behind the things that I have been working on, which fills me with even more excitement and passion to do more and to push further.

This helped me to see that this moment, NOW, is all I have in this material world. It helped me to understand that NOW is a tool used to determine which way our path goes, this present moment determines how our lives unfold, so can you understand the importance of NOW? This is a lesson that stands out to me day in and day out, every second ticks by, waiting for us to sieze the moment, to grow out of the shell that we’ve been stuck in since the day of our birth and to grow into our True Selves.


Shay Mitchell

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