There is NO Such thing as a PERFECT ASANA…(but!)

I want to ‘perfect an asana’ not because of the aesthetics but because I know that the surrender and mastery that occurs over bodily techniques, mirrors the surrender and mastery over our mental techniques as well, and to me when the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves work in harmony, that…that is true perfection.

Many people get obsessed with the… 

…beauty of an asana. This is understandable because we all try to get better, to be better, we all try to get our limbs straighter, stronger or to hold on longer, which in a sense, is a strive for perfection. I think this is ok, as long as the focus is on the harmony of the Mind, Body and the Soul. Focus in every second of every moment, be in the present and be thankful for every moment,  in complete surrender, free of attachments, free of pressure, only then will we experience our ‘perfection’. Namaste brothers and sisters.

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