Dhanurasana or Bow Pose 

This pose stretches the abdomen, throat, ankle, groin and shoulders. It stimulates the abdominal organs relieves mild back ache, menstrual discomfort, fatigue and constipation.


-Laying on your stomach inhale as you bend your knees bringing your heels close to your butt

-Exhale as you reach back and hold on to your ankles.

-Inhale as you lift your heels away from your butt, raising your thighs and torso off the mat (advanced practitioners can ‘flip the grip’)

-Exhale as you draw the your shoulders down and away from your ears, look forward with your neck extended and relaxed

-Breathe here for 15 to 30 seconds then come back down to the mat and release.

The fourth chakra or the #Anahata chakra is associated with the element air and the color green. This chakra integrates the spiritual understanding of love compassion and joy and the connection to everything you encounter. It is the source of profound truths that cannot be expressed in words.

Thank you for reading!


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