TigerPose or EkaHastaVyaghrasana

This asana stretches your shoulders, thighs, strengthens your arms and tones your kidneys, it also increases energy and stimulates the adrenal glands.


Exhale – On all fours (hands and knees), reach your right foot back and up toward the sky.

Inhale – Staring at one point in front of you, shift your weight to the right hand, slowly reach your left hand back holding on to your right ankle

Exhale – Kick the right leg up as high as you can keeping both arms straight

Inhale – Breathe Here for 15 to 30 seconds then return to the start position on all fours and switch sides and repeat.
Chakra 3 represents the color yellow and associated with the element fire this chakra represents our power center called our solar plexus. This is where we store our Vital energy or Prana used to fuel our consciousness.

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