Yoga For Strong Legs And A Firm Derriere!

EVERYONE is obsessed with sleek and slim legs and a strong, firm derriere because it looks good right?! Oh yes it does! Focusing on these areas also has a physiological effect on us as well.


Strengthening the lower body enhances your sense of grounded-ness and your sense of feeling centered. Life is always waiting to throw us off balance but if we are well rooted in our own truth, we become stronger and more resilient to external disturbances of our daily lives, helping us to be more in control of our emotions and thoughts.

While practicing, envision positive energy being sent up through the earth and entering your body through the soles of your feet, and radiating through your entire being, manifesting love and positivity throughout your life.

Asanas For Strong Legs & Bum

Warrior II – Virabhadrasana II


  • Begin in Mountain pose, inhale, step the right foot back 3 to 4 feet
  • Exhale, the back foot is slightly turned inward at a 45 degree angle, front foot at 90 degrees
  • Front toes pointed forward, heels in a straight line, front knee over ankle
  • Inhale, lift your chest upward as you bring your hands out to your sides, in a straight line, fingertip to fingertip, palms facing downward
  • Exhale, root your feet into the mat and actively push through your legs
  • Inhale, Lenghten your spine projecting through the crown of your head
  • Suck the abdomen inward, breathing with your chest and not your stomach. Hold for 15 seconds
  • Slowly return to the starting position
  • Repeat on the Right leg


Warrior III – Virabhadrasana III


  • Begin in Chair pose (Standing upright with legs together, knees bent)
  • Lift your hands out in front of you, palms facing eachother, parallel to the floor
  • Shift your weight to your right leg, lifting your left foot off the floor
  • Contract your abs, keeping the body strong and activated as you slowly lean forward
  • Lift the left leg backward, simultaneously straightening the right leg. Hold for 15 seconds
  • Repeat on the left leg


Bound Angle Pose – Baddha Konasana

Bound Angle Pose – Baddha Konasana
  • In a seated position,bend your knees and pull your heels toward your pelvis
  • Clasp the big toe, firmly press the outer edges of your feet into the mat. (avoid pushing down the legs with your forearms)
  • Inhale, sit straight and extend the spine upward, projecting through the crown of your head
  • Exhale, Slowly lean forward keeping the lower back straight (focus on keeping the back straight and not on how far you lean forward, posture is important) breathe deeply for 15 seconds
  • Inhale return to the sitting position


Lord Of The Dance – Natarajasana

Lord Of The Dance – Natarajasana
  • Beginning in Mountain pose, inhale and shift your weight to your right foot
  • Exhale bending your left knee, inhale bringing the left foot to your buttocks and grab the inner ankle/sole of the feet with the left hand
  • Fix your gaze on one spot, as you gain your balance exhale leaning your torso forward simultaneously lifting your left foot toward the sky (for advanced students you can ‘flip your grip’ while lifting  the foot toward the sky)
  • Hold for 10 seconds, inhale and slowly return to standing
  • Repeat on the Left leg

Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Savasana

Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Beginning on all fours (hands and knees) wrists directly under your shoulders, knees directly under your hips
  • Exhale, as you plant your palms firmly into  your mat
  • Curl your toes under, then lift the knees off the ground straightening your legs
  • Keep firmly pushing with your palm making sure the weight is evenly distributed (avoid rounding your lower back, bend your knees until the back can be kept straight)
  • Hold for 15 seconds then return to the starting position

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